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Would you run this legendary 268 mile endurance race?

Posted at 11:40 AM, Jan 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-06 13:40:52-05

The MONTANE Spine Race is widely regarded as one of the world`s toughest endurance races.

Not only is it 268 miles long, but it also runs along some of the most difficult and beautiful terrains found in the UK.

Competitors also have to endure the full intensity and ferocity of a British winter, including subarctic temperatures, extreme weather, deep snow, ice, mud, bogs, groundwater, storm force winds and driving rain throughout this non-stop, 7-day race from Edale to Kirk Yetholm.

Ben Light is an Ultra Marathon Runner and the only person brave enough that we know to run in this race TWICE!

Last year, Ben injured his knee around mile 15 after falling into a bog, which slowed his pace in the race considerably. After getting to Checkpoint 4, which is just under 200 miles, he laid down to sleep for 3 hours and while he was asleep, his feet swelled to the point that they could barely fit in his shoes. After consulting with a medical professional, he had to pull himself from the rest of the race to avoid any further long-term trauma to his feet.

Ben wasn't going to let that be his legacy, though which is why he decided to run the race again. This year, coming shortly after his podium finish in the Triple Crown of 200s (another wildly long race), he hopes to finish and even be a top contender.

Check out the video above to hear what else Ben has to say about his racing lifestyle, this upcoming race, and how he does it all.