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Mortuary faces licensing board following multiple violations filed against it

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jan 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-09 12:07:09-05

SALT LAKE CITY – The state Funeral Services Licensing Board issued a stern warning to executives of Carver Mortuary Services Monday.

“We can’t go about this lackadaisical. There have been some violations and this needs to change,” said Board Chairperson Travis Greenwood.

In November, the mortuary was temporarily shut down when former employees accused the business of a number of violations including the mishandling of bodies.

The board approved Tyler Carver as the mortuary’s day to day operations manager. He told the board, the business is ready to rebuild its reputation.

“We hope that we can gain that confidence from the families and different people that we work with in the industry,” Carver told the board.

A lawyer representing the mortuary told FOX 13, the company is open for business and is cleaning up its act.

“We wouldn’t be here if they weren’t,” said attorney Eric Benson. “This was a tough event and they got through it and they wouldn’t be going on these strict orders if they weren’t completely committed to complying going forward.”

Benson realizes the mortuary hasn’t completely fixed all of the issues found back in Nov. 2017.

“Two months ago we dealt with all of this,” Benson said. “This was a big deal, the company was almost shut down –A very intense time. I think that those are still lingering to a certain extent. The Carvers’ get that.”

The board still wants to see a faster response by the company to get in full compliance.

“You’re going to have a short leash and we are going to keep an eye on you,” said board member Brandon Burningham. “We want to see some action.

Carver Mortuary Services now has 20 days to submit a report to the board on its progress in complying with the state regulations.