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Several new bills in Utah take aim at a variety of issues

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jan 09, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – Several new bills are set to appear at the Utah State Capitol this year, addressing a number of local issues.

Here are some of the over 1,100 bills that are set to hit the floor this year:

  • Additional treatment beds in downtown Salt Lake City-

North Logan Representative Val Potter filed legislation to spend more money on treatment beds in county facilities. The legislation is part of an overall crackdown on crime, surrounding the downtown Salt Lake City shelters.

  • Internet political contributions bill-

This bill would block political candidates from soliciting campaign donations over the internet. The bill states that exemptions would be in place, if the owner of a credit card submits verification values, proving that they have an address in the United States. Violations under the proposed bill could result in fines.

  • Physician assistant bill-

Physicians assistants could get expanded power to practice medicine under a new bill. Provo Senator Curtis Bramble introduced the bill, to allow licensed physicians assistants to practice as a health care professional- and legally sign-off on a death certificates.

Needless to say, lawmakers in Utah will be busy at the beginning of this year.  Stay tuned to for new bills that are announced as 2018 rolls on.