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Utah hit and run victim asks for help in identifying man that hit her

Posted at 7:10 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 21:10:54-05

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- The victim of a hit and run crash wants to find the driver who smashed into her and hold him accountable.

On December 12, 2017 Katie Harris was driving alone on her way home in Taylorsville when a driver in a lifted diesel truck hit her at the intersection of 6200 South and 3200 West.

"He hit me head-on and I guess I was in his way because he backed up and he hit me again and pushed me about 100 feet backwards towards the fence and pushed the passenger side of my car into the SUV next to me and then he drove over the front corner of my car and took off," described Harris.

Harris suffered a huge lump on the back of her head the size of a softball, she said. She also had tissue damage to her body from the pressure from her seat belt.

Harris is a mother of two and a recent grandmother. She said normally she would have one of them in the car with her but thankfully not that time.

"When I heard the officers and the paramedics say 'you're lucky to be alive I don't know how you made it out of this,' it's kind of a reality check because he (the suspect driver) doesn't know I did make it out alive."

The Holiday Oil gas station at that intersection gave Harris and police surveilance video and pictures that show the driver inside the gas station pre-paying for gas and they show his maroon lifted diesel Dodge truck with custom rims.

Harris said there was a woman in the truck with the suspect driver and that woman got out when the crash happened and then ran off.

One of the gas station employees told Fox13 News the suspect driver is a regular there but stopped coming by after the hit and run crash. He also said that day the man was at the gas station for forty minutes before he took off and crashed into Harris. They tuned his arrival and departure on surveillance. The employee said the man was moving his truck to different pumps and other vehicles would pull up to him while he was on the lot and then the other drivers would drive off.

Harris hopes this story and the identifying surveillance pictures help police find the driver.