Herriman residents on edge after shootings prompt shelter in place; suspect remains at-large

Posted at 4:38 PM, Jan 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-21 18:38:59-05

HERRIMAN, Utah – A woman who lives next door to the home where a man was shot by a suspect running from police is on edge because of the crime.

“I have a bit little more anxiety because he’s been in the area and I don’t know what his connection is to this area,” she said.

She requested Fox 13 conceal her identity because the shooting suspect, Justin Gary Llewelyn, remains on the run from authorities.

“To have that comfort shattered was, I don’t know, really disturbing,” she said.

Unified Police say Llewelyn shot at an officer and then broke into the victim’s home, shot the victim, and stole his car. Police believe the attack was random and that’s why the woman who spoke to Fox 13 and others in the neighborhood are concerned.

“I walked inside after talking to my neighbor and just burst into tears," she said. "I mean, that’s 20 feet difference."

She didn’t hear the gunshot, but woke up as soon as her dog started barking. Soon after, police swarmed the neighborhood.

“He just broke through the door and the whole door was shattered,” she said. “It’s humbling to know that it could have been us, just as easy.”

A post on Facebook asking neighbors to help clean blood off the floor of the victim’s house received an overwhelming response. She says that is an example of the quality of the neighborhood and not this isolated crime.

“We had so many people that we actually said, 'We have enough help at this point,'" she said, describing the outpouring of support.

As police continue to search for the suspect, she hopes he is quickly brought to justice, so she, her family and her neighbors can once again, sleep easily.

“Why have a whole, entire community in fear?" She said. "This guy is willing to shoot anybody. He shot at cops. He shot an innocent man in his own home. It’s just, he needs to be caught."