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Plan denied for old Cottonwood Mall development

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 09:38:52-05

HOLLADAY, Utah - After months of debate and public comment, Holladay's Planning Commission decided not to approve a new development plan at the old Cottonwood Mall.

"I personally thought yes, we could find some consistency," said Chairman Jim Carter, who was the only approving vote. "My fellow planning commissioners couldn't."

At the heart of the problem, the commissioners couldn't get past extended proposed building heights. The original plan approved by City Council in 2008 allowed for a ceiling of 90 feet. The newer plan called for approval up to 136 feet.

"Some people were in a state of shock about the height being proposed," said Ron Hilton, a concerned resident.

The other concern revolved around how much of the area, two-thirds, was designated for residential space.  The original plan called for much less residential and more commercial.

"We felt like we weren’t able to get the recommended approval, but the City Council could look at this proposal  and say this is pretty close," Carter added. "And with these changes, we could accept it or they could say we need considerable work for this to get approval."

The City council is expected to tackle the decision next. They will reach their own decision in the next two months.