Police investigating alleged hazing incident at Delta High School

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 20:03:21-05

DELTA, Utah -- The Millard County Sheriff's Department is investigating an alleged hazing incident involving some student athletes at Delta High School.

David Styler, Millard County School District Superintendent, won't go into detail, but he seems visibly distraught about the incident, which allegedly involves the high school wrestling team.

"It is repulsive," Styler said.

Superintendent Styler says the incident took place last week on a school bus returning from an away match.

"The supervisor of this team, as soon as he found out anything had gone on, was very forthright in coming forward and wanting to fix the situation," Styler said.

The coach notified the administration and the school resource officer who is investigating the incident along with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office.

"The students who were involved have had preliminary discipline at this point, and safeguards have been put in place for the other students to make sure all of our students are safe," Styler said.

Styler said as the investigation continues, if there are further steps and actions that need to be taken, it will be done immediately because the priority is keeping every student in the district safe.

"We want them to know when they’re in activities or in our school or anywhere else that they’re in good hands, and they are in good hands, but occasionally an accident or occasionally things will happen that shouldn’t happen," Styler said.