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WATCH: Bomb bandits hit third ATM with propane tank explosive in West Jordan

Posted at 11:01 AM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 13:07:29-05

WEST JORDAN, Utah – Recognize anyone? The West Jordan Police Department is asking for your help identifying these suspects accused of trying to blow up another ATM.

Officers said this is the suspects’ third attempt to try to blow up an ATM by exploding a propane tank.

West Jordan Police would like to speak to anyone who has information at (801) 256-2172.

Police posted this information to Facebook:

It is smart to invest in retirement for later years in life. It is smart to live within your means. It is also smart to try and obtain and keep the best employment as possible to provide for yourself and others.

It is not smart to rob and steal. It is not smart to play with fire and propane.It is really not smart to use fire and propane as an explosive to get into ATM machines. We have had another incident with these two. This is now their third attempt at taking money from an ATM machine. This time we have some awesome surveillance pics to share with you all. Please help us ID them.

We want to know who they are. We want to stop them from doing this again. Someone is going to get hurt. Please call Detective Golding with any information at 801-256-2172.