Victim speaks after three arrested for robbery spree in Salt Lake City

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 23:36:40-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- Three young adults are all behind bars after they are accused of a robbery spree in Salt Lake City late Wednesday.

Police said David Montoya, 20, Cameron Dallas, 18, and Kira Smith, 18, got in a car Wednesday after 10 p.m. and drove to 50 South 300 East, where they pulled a gun on their first victim.

“Our first victim was actually just carrying groceries home and they stole her groceries from her," said Detective Keith Horrocks.

Horrocks said the three then made their way to the area of 500 East 300 South. At the same time, Ryan M. was getting out of a Sundance film with his sister. He decided to go get a burrito then get a Lyft home, but not before he encountered the three suspects.

“I’m crossing the street on third South up by Dick and Dixie’s and all of a sudden out of nowhere two guys just kind of jump me," Ryan said. "One of them puts a pistol right in my face and the other guy’s like searching me from behind, saying, ‘Give me everything you got! Give me everything you got!’”

Ryan said he did what he was told and handed over his phone and a pack of gum. One of the suspects patted down a pocket and asked what was inside. Ryan said he told them he only had his gloves, but really his wallet was hidden in that same pocket.

The thieves apparently believed Ryan and told him to leave.

“They told me just to go walk around and head right up the street and if I turn around that they’re just gonna blast me," Ryan said.

He kept walking about four miles until he made it home and called the police.

He said he never considered Salt Lake City an unsafe place.

“Like I walked past like two art galleries and a tropical plant store. It’s not exactly what I would consider a dangerous neighborhood," Ryan said.

Meanwhile, Horrocks said the thieves pulled a gun on a third and fourth person. The third person was told to do the same as Ryan: give up everything, then run off without looking back.

The fourth person, however, flipped the script on the criminals right outside the Salt Lake City public library.

“Our last would-be victim actually was able to wave down one of our gang unit cars and they were able to put an attempt to locate out," Horrocks said.

Just before midnight, officers completed a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle on State Street, just north of 400 South. They put all three in handcuffs and retrieved the gun police said they used in their robberies

All three suspects are facing aggravated robbery charges. One is also facing drug charges.

Ryan was happy he only had to replace his phone. His advice to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation is the same advice police often give: just do what you're told so the crime does not escalate.