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Woman arrested for aiding Riverton shooting suspect in evading police

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 22:53:57-05

SALT LAKE CITY – Another suspect was arrested Monday, for assisting the suspect of a Riverton shooting in evading police capture.

According to a tweet by the Salt Lake City Police Department, detectives learned that Keria Jessica Hartley-Johnson, 35, allegedly assisted Justin Llewelyn in avoiding capture by police.

Llewelyn was wanted for allegedly firing at two officers and shooting a homeowner earlier this month.

In a probable cause statement released in Utah’s Third District Court, police stated that while conducting an investigation on Llewelyn, they interviewed an individual who stated that they heard  Hartley-Johnson brag about how she had allegedly successfully hidden him from police. The interviewee also stated that  Hartley-Johnson had made plans to transport Llewelyn to a hotel in Beaver Dam, Utah. The interviewee also told police that Hartley-Johnson had bought Llewelyn a cell phone.

Police said that on Jan. 21, the interviewee began cooperating with police in their efforts to locate Llewelyn. On Jan. 24, the individual allegedly received a call from Hartley-Johnson. In a voicemail, she threatened the individual with violence, and advised him to, “run and hide,” the probable cause statement said.

A warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest, and she was taken into custody by police in Ivins, Utah.

“Police arrested 33-year old Justin Llewelyn Wednesday [Jan. 24] evening in Spanish Fork, after a police chase and crash that injured a Utah County Sheriff’s deputy,” Lauren Steinbrecher reported on Fox 13.

On Jan. 23, police arrested Tasha and Misty Llewelyn on obstruction of justice charges in relation to the Llewelyn case.