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Utah woman’s life miraculously saved by off duty EMS workers after accident

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 23:49:28-05

SPANISH FORK, Utah - Tina Sperry, 61, says she's alive because of a series of miracles.

Sperry was heading home to Spanish Fork from Roosevelt Friday night, when her GPS took her on Emma Park Road, on the border of Duchesne and Carbon Counties.

"Apparently that’s a road that isn’t maintained throughout the winter with salt, and you know, plows," said Sperry.

Heading around the last curve, Sperry lost control.  She hit a barrier that sent her soaring off the road.

"I went flying out and down an embankment and they said I landed a hundred feet below," said Sperry.

That's when miracle number one kicked in. Somehow, her car managed to land upright on its wheels.

"My engine was still on and my headlight was still on so I had my heater on," she said.

Then came miracle number two.

"I heard a voice yelling hey, hey are you okay," said Sperry.

It just so happens, those were the voices of two off-duty EMTs.

"I thought oh I’m saved. Somebody’s here. Somebody knows and then when they said they were EMTs I just started to cry," said Sperry.

The EMT's knew just what to do and who to call.

"They took the jaws of life down there and cut open the car so they could put me on a backboard and pull me out," said Sperry.

Tina's husband, Kenneth Sperry, is beyond grateful.

"We can’t thank them enough," said Kenneth.

The Sperry's don't know who those EMTs are.

"Those two men I’d like to meet someday and thank them because of them I’m sure I have my wife still here," said Kenneth.

Tina Sperry is recovering from two fractures in her back, one in her wrist, and a lot of bruising.

"God is looking out for me. I must have a purpose here because he sent my rescue team before they even knew they needed to rescue me," said Sperry.

Sperry hopes those two EMTs will reach out to her, so she can thank them in person for saving her life.