Crews rescue dog that fell through ice at Utah Lake

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 00:11:29-05

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – The Saratoga Springs Fire Department rehashed ice safety after successfully rescuing a dog that fell through the ice at Utah Lake Tuesday.

The dog had gotten away from its owner during a hunting trip. Saratoga Springs Fire & Rescue said the dog ventured 300 yards onto the ice before reaching a spot thin enough for it to fall through.

SSFR said the dog’s owner followed behind for about 100 yards before recognizing the danger and calling 911. Crews arrived within 25 minutes and were able to locate the dog and successfully get it to land to re-warm.

SSFR said when you or an animal falls through ice, hypothermia sets in immediately and time is of the essence.

”Within 5-10 minutes most victims will lose dexterity with their hands and will be unable to assist with their own rescue,” said SSFR Fire Captain Tyson Frazier.

“When you fall through the ice you become disoriented, so most of our time is spent trying to locate the victims in the ice,” Frazier added.

If you do fall in the water, crews advise you to, first and foremost, stay calm.

“Try to stay calm as much as you can, grab a hold of that ice shelf, try not to struggle as much as possible and then get help immediately,” Frazier said.

If something like this were to happen to someone you’re with, or your pet, experts say stay clear and call 911.

“It’s really important that you stay on shore, if you can’t reach somebody with a pole, or throw a rope at them to pull them in, that you call 911 and wait for that help to come so that you yourself don't become a victim,” said Fire Captain Kenny Johnson.