Farmington mayor asks for mascot change amid concerns about phallic connotations

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jan 31, 2018

FARMINGTON, Utah – The mayor of Farmington would like the Davis School Board to consider changing the name of the new Farmington High School mascot.

Last year, students voted overwhelmingly to select the mascot of the Phoenix. But some people are concerned with that name because the plural form of phoenix—phoenices—sounds too much like a male body part.

“It seemed like everywhere I went, people were stopping me, asking me about the mascot,” Mayor Jim Talbot said. “It’s something that if you’re the mayor of the city, which I am, that’s something that you should look at.”

A petition started by a parent of an incoming student at Farmington High School has accumulated more than 3,000 signatures in support of changing the mascot. The mayor believes the mascot could set students up for ridicule from rivals.

“High school kids are high school kids and they find ways,” Talbot said. “They are very creative when they go to games or functions. They come up with all sorts of things.”

Talbot posted a letter to the community in the monthly “Farmington News.” It is posted online and will be sent to residents of the city later this week. In it, he asks the school district to, “please change the name.”

The Davis School District says that won’t happen.

“We have no plans,” said Chris Williams, a spokesperson for Davis Schools. “We’ve been discussing this since June.”

Williams says the district did its due diligence in researching names of potential mascots.

“We found all sorts of information that shows the phoenix mascot is legitimate,” Williams said. “We are sticking with the mascot. It’s going to be the Phoenix.”

The mayor realizes he may be fighting a losing battle, but whatever the outcome, he’ll be a fan of Farmington’s first high school.

“If it comes out that the phoenix is the mascot, so be it. I’ll be the largest and the biggest cheerleader for that school and mascot,” Talbot said.

Here is the link to the letter Talbot is sending to Farmington residents.