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An accessory that’s perfect for you and your dog

Posted at 2:54 PM, Feb 01, 2018

Dogs are more than just "man's best friend"-they're family. Because they're family, we want to treat them like such.

Joseph Watson is the co-owner of K9 Sport Sack and he and his other co-owner Daniel set out to make the greatest invention since sliced bread-at least to them.

After much frustration in not being able to find their dog Daisy the right dog carrier that kept her from getting motion sickness or lagging on their adventures, not to mention fit her or their lifestyle, they decided to just set out and make their own.

The dog backpack is everything that other carriers are not: hands-free, comfortable, easy-to-use, interactive, balanced, and safe. The easy compatibility of the K9 Sport Sack keeps it easy for pet owners to stay safe with their pets and not worry about the hassle that comes with other carriers.

Not only do these sacks bring dogs closer to their animals, but they also can help rescue animals through the company's No Dog Left Behind Promise. Check out the video above to see how these dog backpacks work and how they can help rescue pups.

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