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Environmentalists confront state lawmakers about clean air legislation

Posted at 5:56 PM, Feb 01, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – A face-off over Utah’s air took place at Capitol Hill.

Environmental lobbyists met with lawmakers urging them to clean Utah’s air.

“There’s gross smog and it makes everybody really sad and sick and it's time to change that,” said Nicole Milavetz. The West High School student is making her voice heard on the hill.

“It's our first time lobbying so it should be a very good, empowering experience,” Milavetz said.

She’s encouraging representatives to focus on clean air legislation this session. She spoke to Rep. Richard Spendlove R-Utah about fireworks restrictions and increasing fines for people who illegally tamper with vehicles emission technology.

Alex Karl Johnson urged Representative Jim Dunnigan R-Utah, to support a tax credit for electric vehicles and oppose a $200 fee for electric vehicles.

“Somebody has got to pay for the roads,” said Dunnigan.

“In person the voices up here make a difference,” said Johnson.

Lobbyists also delivered a book titled, Breathing Stories. It features essays from Utahns young and old who have been personally affected by air pollution.

“I LOVE IT!” said Spendlove.

“You'll love it til you read it. It's kinda sad,” said Milavetz.

“No, I love that it's very personal,” said Spendlove.

Nicole hopes these stories can initiate change.

For more information about Breathing Stories, click here.