Riverdale woman fights flowing mud in effort to protect family farm after landslide

Posted at 7:55 PM, Feb 03, 2018

RIVERDALE, Utah – A landslide that began in November continues to devastate a family farm in Riverdale.

Becky Meehan’s farm is covered with thick mud and debris. In some spots, the mud is 5 feet deep.

“This has been devastating to our family,” Meehan said.

Meehan’s family uses the farm for their Christmas tree business.

“We have no place to do trees next year,” Meehan said. “This is what this was for. This is why my dad bought it.”

The family has owned the land since the 1980s, when Meehan’s father purchased it. Because of the sentimental value, Meehan works every day to save it from the constant flow of mud.

“I will never give up on this place, that’s not even an option,” Meehan said.

Saturday, Meehan and her family worked to clean a shed containing items they use to operate their Christmas tree business.

The work is made even more difficult for Becky because she is battling breast cancer.

“I don’t have an option, I have to do it,” Meehan said. “Put on your big girl pants and let’s go.”

She feels she has to do all she can to save the property because her father recently passed away and she wants to preserve his memory.

“I’m down here every day, trying to do something,” Meehan said. "It’s eating me up that I can’t do anything to save it or stop it.”

Meehan isn’t giving up. Despite the property being condemned, she and her family refuse to walk away.