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Staggering totals released of Op. Rio Grande drug busts

Posted at 5:07 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 19:09:15-05

SALT LAKE CITY – The total number of drugs seized as a result of Operation Rio Grande was released Tuesday, shortly after a progress update was given on its’ six month anniversary.

Operation Rio Grande is a three-phase plan that launched in Aug. of 2017 to combat homelessness and crime throughout Salt Lake City’s downtown Rio Grande Neighborhood. The operation was a joint effort from multiple state agencies, to clean the area, and give drug addicts and homeless individuals access to help and recovery.

The Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Operation Rio Grande Task Force and the DPS Criminal Interdiction team compiled the list, which highlights every drug that was seized during the first six months of the operation.

Here is a list of the amount of drugs taken by DPS agents:

Operation Rio Grand Task Force Seizures

Spice: 75 jars (10 ounces)

Cocaine: 1.6 pounds

Methamphetamine: 17.1 pounds

Heroin: 1.5 pounds

Marijuana: 3 pounds

Mushrooms: 2 ounces

MDMA: 1 ounce

Stolen Vehicles: 20 Vehicles

Firearms: 12 Firearms

Warrants Served > $1,000,000.00

Drug Dealers Arrested: 75 Persons

Interdiction related seizures with SL Valley nexus

Cocaine                                         13.5 pounds

Methamphetamine                       5.2 pounds

Heroin                                           15.5 pounds

Marijuana                                      32 pounds

Firearms                                        2   Firearms

Currency                                       $185,851.00

Other                                            Total Seizures 19


Cocaine: 15 pounds

Methamphetamine: 22.3 pounds

Heroin: 17 pounds

Marijuana: 35 pounds

Spice: 10 ounces

Mushrooms: 2 ounces

MDMA: 1 ounce

Ecstasy Pills: 93 Pills

Firearms: 14 Firearms

Stolen Vehicles: 20 Vehicles

Drug Dealers:  75 Persons

Trafficking Seizures: 19 Seizures