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Doomsday Cult member who kidnapped children was plotting to kill ‘possessed’ son

Posted at 7:57 AM, Feb 08, 2018

John Alvin Coltharp

Samuel Warren “The Seer” Shaffer

IRON COUNTY, Utah – The man accused of kidnapping his children to join a Doomsday Cult may have also been plotting to kill his son.

Newly released search warrants state John Alvin Coltharp said he thought his son was possessed by an “evil spirit.”

Coltharp and Samuel Warren Shaffer, who calls himself Samuel “The Seer,” were arrested late last year after kidnapping children that led to an Amber Alert in Iron County.

Coltharp and Shaffer are also accused of marrying each other’s daughter, both under the age of 9.

The men are members of a religious sect called “Knights of the Crystal Blade.