Loved ones mourn Utah woman who died due to flu complications

Posted at 9:24 PM, Feb 08, 2018

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- A 41-year-old West Jordan mother passed away this week due to complications from the flu. It was a sickness her loved ones thought would just keep her in bed for a couple of days, but it took her life.

Sabrina Clark's loved ones can't believe this could happen to someone so healthy and active.

“She was like a sister to me,” said Nicole Johnson, Sabrina’s lifelong friend. “She's always been the first to be there she always has your back

The fact influenza took her friend still hasn't sunk in.

“She's the last one I would think this would happen to,” Johnson said. “She really paid attention to what she ate. She worked out often. She was very conscientious of her health.”

Loved ones say it all started last week with a cough, but by Saturday the deadly virus took over. Sabrina went into Jordan Valley Medical Center and was immediately flown to IMC in Murray.

“The strep in combination with the flu is what started attacking her organs,” Johnson said.

Forcing her loved ones to say goodbye on Tuesday.

“This is very unexpected and tragic,” Johnson said.

Sabrina leaves behind the love of her life and two children.

Health experts say this season the flu is rampant throughout the nation.

“We are seeing a lot of influenza-like illness and a lot of hospitalizations due to influenza,” said Rebecca Ward, Utah Department of Health, Epidemiology.

The CDC says this flu season is on track to become one of the worst, with the highest hospitalization rate in a decade.

“We have had over 1,300 hospitalized cases of influenza just in Utah alone,” Ward said.

The deadly virus robbing families of their loved ones.

“We lost one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known,” Johnson said.

This family is not only without their wife and mother, but are also now facing medical and funeral expenses. You can help here.

Friends don't know if Sabrina got the flu shot. The vaccine is only 33 percent effective, but health experts say something is better than nothing and it's not too late to get it.