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‘Heavenly Being’: Utah broadcaster Joe Wren shares near-death experience, credits faith for survival

Posted at 7:13 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 11:56:47-05

OGDEN, Utah — Fox 13 feature reporter and former sportscaster Joe Wren has published a book chronicling his nearly fatal heart attack in September 2016, and his recovery.

Wren collapsed while playing pickle ball in a park in Ogden. Although he survived his heart attack, Wren believes he was close enough to death to have had experienced just a bit of what awaits us all, as detailed in the excerpt below:

“YELL OUT, 9-1-1!” was the utterly unmistakable shout I heard. Yet, miraculously, it hadn’t come from any earthly being. This heartfelt and solemn warning came as a direct gift from the Lord Almighty through the Holy Ghost. No Earthly being would have or could have gained my absolute and immediate attention, even as I precariously hovered in such a cadaverous condition. In fact, though dying, my body felt consumed by the Holy Spirit, making it so undeniably clear, even in those final seconds before death, that I heard, listened, and obeyed.”

“Heavenly Being: A witness to glorious life after death” is available for sale online via Amazon and at Barnes and Noble stores.