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Lawmakers get lesson from Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind

Posted at 1:03 PM, Feb 09, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY - Utah lawmakers got a lesson from the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Thursday.

Some of the students and teachers stopped by the Capitol to demonstrate how they use unique tools to learn.

They brought along a robotics activity to show off their ability to build their own circuit boards.

Some of the students say they were a little nervous to meet the lawmakers.

"The first time I was a little shy, I didn't know what to say, but as we went and more and more legislators met me, I wasn't so shy anymore,"6-year-old deaf student Kelsey said.

The Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind depend on funding from the legislature to stay open.

Some of the unique tools these students use can cost thousands of dollars.