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Create your own beautiful floral piece, no experience needed!

Posted at 2:50 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 16:50:34-05

Jenevieve Hubbard, with Beehive Floral Co., shows us how to create a beautiful floral centerpiece by foraging. Here's her advice for getting started:

First and foremost, foraging is simply the act of going outside and making use of what's available to you. We live in a big city and it might not seem like there's much. I'd say first start with your own yard, even if you don't really grow anything there! Pull up some interesting dried weeds, grab a small branch or two from a "junk tree", see if your neighbor would be willing to part with some of that dried Yarrow or Hydrangea from last year. The second step is to take a 10-minute drive and search for abandoned lots or wild unclaimed sections next to the freeway. I've found rose hips, thistles, sunflowers and even some pretty exceptional leafy branches this way.

Third is stop by the flower market and get only two bunches of flowers. The challenge here is going to be to make something pretty using MOSTLY foraged things.

You can learn more about foraging for floral design in this book and by signing up at for a monthly Foraged Floristry at Home workshop. These workshops are geared towards novices and do not require prior experience. You will learn things about foraging, growing your own cut flowers and the basics of flower arranging.