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Dog, cat and raccoon mauled following cougar sighting in Provo

Posted at 8:42 PM, Feb 12, 2018

PROVO, Utah - Provo Animal Control Officers are seeking a cougar that was sighted in a local neighborhood, that may have killed three animals.

"The neighbor found a dead cat, dog, and raccoon," said Manny Griffith.  Griffith is the one who first spotted the cougar two weeks ago. "I was coming out the door for work. I thought I saw a deer, and I look and it's rustling up against the fence, and I step back and pull out my phone."

Griffith only managed to capture about 2 seconds of the cougar on camera before it bolted off his driveway.

The Division of Wildlife Resources isn't certain if the same cougar is responsible for killing the three animals found on his neighbor's lawn.

"There’s deer and there's mountain lions, moose, elk," pointed out Sarah Kelley, who was taking her dog for a walk at a nearby park Tuesday. "They are all over the place. It kind of just comes with the territory."

Provo Police reminded the public that seeing a cougar is rare, but still possible:

Reminder, we all share habitat with Utah wildlife. It’s one of the great things about living in Provo. Cougars are secretive animals and nocturnal hunters so sightings are very rare, but if you see one in the city please call the police or the Division of Wildlife Resources. Here is the best advice from our state wildlife managers about staying safe in cougar country:…/living-with-cougars.html

The DWR asks anyone who spots a cougar to report it to them directly.