Cat recovering after rescue from burning ditch in Sanpete County

Posted at 3:29 PM, Feb 16, 2018

SANPETE COUNTY, Utah — A cat was rescued in Sanpete County after suffering traumatic injuries during routine maintenance that involved burning material in ditches.

According to Utah Valley Animal Rescue, “Turtle” was in one of the ditches where the burning was going on though the workers weren’t aware of the cat right away.

Despite being badly burned in the accident, Turtle allowed rescuers to pick him up.

“Turtle is one of the nicest cats, and even though the worst of the burns is to his face, all he wants is the back of his ears scratched all day long,” Utah Valley Animal Rescue states.

Dr. Bott at Mountain West Animal Hospital helped clean Turtle up and open his eyes, which were swollen shut. Rescuers say it appears there was no damage to Turtle’s eyes, though they are giving him eye drops three times daily.

They believe Turtle is a long-haired tabby but say they had to shave him since most of his fur was singed and matted.

“We will do everything we can to help him and aide in his recovery,” rescuers wrote.  “If you have the means, any amount of donation would be very much appreciated. He is the most loving cat who deserves the world.”

WARNING: The linked fundraising page and the photo gallery below include images of the severe burns Turtle suffered. The photos are graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

Donations on Turtle’s behalf can be made here.