House fire kills elderly male in Sevier County

Posted at 12:24 PM, Feb 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-17 14:25:50-05

SEVIER COUNTY – One man is dead following a spontaneous house fire that filled his home Saturday morning.

The Richfield City Fire Department, Sevier County Deputies, and Sevier County EMT’s were dispatched to the fire at  2330 East and 1700 north around 4 a.m. But after battling flames and transporting 85-year-old Owen Kay Reynolds to the Sevier Valley Hospital, Reynolds passed away.

According to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office, Reynolds woke his wife, Linda Reynolds, in the middle of the night yelling at her to grab a fire extinguisher for the fire that had began in their bedroom.

When she arrived back at the bedroom with the extinguisher and pulled the pin she says it malfunctioned and nothing happened.

Because the flames were so hot and the smoke was so heavy, police say, Linda was unable to get into the bedroom her husband was in and was forced to evacuate.

Sevier County Sheriffs say firefighters had to put out “active flames” before being able to enter the home to rescue Reynolds and transport him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Firefighters say the cause of the fire is still undetermined, and the Utah Fire Marshall’s Office is investigating the cause.

Linda was taken to the hospital to be treated and will be receiving assistance from the Red Cross as, Sevier County Sheriffs report, “the home was damaged all throughout due to fire and the smoke.”

Image courtesy Sevier County Sheriff’s Office

Image courtesy Sevier County Sheriff’s Office