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Families enjoy snowstorm at Sugar House Park

Posted at 6:47 PM, Feb 19, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY - It's almost as if Mother Nature tried to make up for the lack of snowfall this season by dumping plenty of powder on Utah. Families took full advantage sledding at Sugar House Park.

Fox13’s Danica Lawrence joined them. She had never been sledding before today.

Children piled on plastic toboggans, spinners, and even old surfboards to soar down the steepest part of the hill.

Sisters held hands as they tubed down with mom giving hem a big push.

“Hold hands!” Shouted Mom.

One brave soul stripped his clothes off. He leaped onto his board shirtless and raced down on his sled without using his hands.

A mother and daughter crashed right into a Fox13’s videographer and reporter.

“Were you aiming for them?” Asked FOX 13’s Lawrence.

“No,” replied 10-year-old Allison. “We tried to go to the left but accidentally went to the right and we crashed into you guys!”

Some children were looking for trouble.

“I’m excited to hit some people in the face,” said 11-year-old Constance.

Like most families, Constance’s mother couldn’t wait to finally play in the snow this winter.

“We just wanted to get some snow since we haven’t had any snow this winter,” said Tonya.

“We went skiing but the roads were closed so we ended up going sledding,” said Elle Esecson.

Elle’s dad said they have been waiting all year for some real powder in the valley.

“We didn’t make it up to the resorts so sledding is our second favorite spot and we live right around the corner,” said Elle’s father Scott.

FOX 13’s Danica Lawrence admitted to the sledders she had never been sledding before and needed their advice.

“Try not to kill yourself,” said Constance.

“You just hop on it and slide down the hill,” said another 5-year-old "professional" sledder.

“Make sure you don’t hit them, but if you hit them, it’s their fault for getting in the way,” said 14-year-old Jesus Martinez.

Lawrence finally took the plunge and survived. Plus, she loved it.

“I can’t believe I didn’t get hurt,” Exclaimed Lawrence.