Vigil for Parkland victims held in Newtown

Posted at 10:02 AM, Feb 24, 2018

NEWTOWN, CT (WFSB) — Students, families, and friends gathered in Newtown at the high school track to honor those lost in Parkland, Florida on Friday evening.

Their message was simple as the mourners walked around the track – an understanding that both towns have walked in their shoes and they know what the other is going through. But most importantly, each member of both communities will keep moving forward.

Hundreds of Newtown students held the thought of the Parkland shooting victims in mind as each name was read aloud.

Vigil Organizer and Newtown High School Junior Tommy Murray told Channel 3 tonight that they are not alone in their pain, and their efforts.

“I want them to know that we are with them and they are not alone in this issue. And we want to support them as much as we can,” said Murray.

Newtown High School Junior, Jackson Mittleman helped organize the vigil tonight, and told Channel 3 that they are appreciative of how the vigil was received.

“I’m definitely thrilled with how many students came out,” said Mittleman. “Because it in the end that’s what we are really trying do. We really want students to show their voice and their passion for this movement.”

Despite a steady downpour, around 800 people attended the vigil and walked around the track together in solidarity for those, not only in Parkland, but for each mass shooting that has taken place.

“This quintessential New England community has seen the worst of gun violence and it is so fitting that it’s provided this kind of leadership the young people here are showing us the way,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Both Newtown students told Channel 3 that Friday’s outpouring of love and support reaches the Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School students, because they said students must support students.

“You have inspired so many students to take action and do such great things within the community,” said Mittleman. “And I think they should use that momentum to keep going and keep going and keep going.”

The Newtown High School told Channel 3 that this is only the beginning. They vow to continue organizing vigils and measures of support, including an attendance next month in Washington D.C. at the “March for our Lives” protest.

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