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Residents of American Fork RV campground forced to relocate

Posted at 10:05 PM, Feb 27, 2018

AMERICAN FORK, Utah - Residents of an RV park in American Fork will soon be forced to leave the grounds that they call home.

The American Campground RV Park changed owners in the summer of 2016. The new owner was informed by American Fork City that the campground was not in compliance with ordinances prohibiting long-term tenancy. As a result, many people who have lived in the area for years will be forced to relocate.

Attorney Kevin M. Paulsen released a statement to Fox 13 regarding the eviction of residents from the campgrounds:

"After purchasing the RV Park, the current owner was informed by American Fork City that the RV Park was out of compliance with city ordinances prohibiting long-term tenancy, and that it had been out of compliance for a number of years.  Since discovering this issue, the current owner has been actively working with the City to comply with city ordinances.  Unfortunately, bringing the RV Park into compliance has required the eviction of all tenants who have resided there for more than thirty days. The residents have been informed that if they need additional time to pack their vehicles and leave the RV Park, the current owner is willing to provide reasonable extensions beyond February 28."

In the video above, residents who live in the park expressed their concerns with having to move.