Utah family welcomes 15 puppies in one litter

Posted at 11:04 PM, Feb 27, 2018

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah - A Utah family knew their dog was expecting puppies, but they were surprised to learn just how many she was carrying.

Steven and Brynlee Evans tell FOX13 News their dog Karma gave birth to 15 puppies earlier this week.

They thought Karma was expecting a litter of 8, which is normal. The veterinarian even told them there may be a couple extra puppies, but no one expected seven additional animals.

The puppies eat every two hours, and Karma can only physically feed 10 at a time; that means Steven and Brynlee have to pitch in to help.

A few of the puppies had to be born via C-section, but they and mom are doing well now.

Editor's note: Steven is the son of FOX13 News anchor Bob Evans.