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Making your own succulent mini garden

Posted at 7:37 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 21:37:31-05

Succulents are a fun and simple way of adding a little green to any room in your home. Cynthia Bee is here to make a simple succulent mini garden that can be moved into different settings whenever you want to change your interior décor. All you need is a few succulent plants and/or cuttings, a 4” glass or plastic tray, and some reindeer moss in any color!


  1. Place the moss around the outside of the container so you can’t see the soil around the plants. Now add your plants in whatever arrangement makes you happy. Just stuff them in and cover with more moss.
  2. Up the creativity by changing the setting of the mini garden whenever you like.
  3. Settings can include:
    1. Vintage book for farmhouse style
    2. A modern dish garden with either moss or sand
    3. A candlestick for a more traditional home
    4. A small lantern, ornamental glass dish, small birdcage, etc.

Remember that succulents thrive on neglect, so only water every 2-4 weeks. When watering, allow the soil to soak all the way through, then allow it to completely dry. The moist soil that other houseplants prefer is the kiss of death for succulents. 

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