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Lawyers who received accidental email of woman’s breasts speak out

Posted at 6:08 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-06 20:08:22-05

SALT LAKE CITY - Every lawyer in the state of Utah is abreast of a big blunder. Monday afternoon, more than 11,000 lawyers got an email from the Utah Bar Association about an upcoming conference in St. George and if you scroll to the bottom, there's an image of a woman's breasts.

Attorney Peter Richins is one of many lawyers who saw the email.

"Well I was little shocked actually because I don’t expect to see that kind of thing from the bar," said Richins.

Chase Thomas was sitting in the legislature's house gallery when he got it.

"I started scrolling through the email and a pair of boobs popped up and I was in the gallery so I was like ummm," said Thomas.

Attorney Greg Skordas says it was the talk of the town in the courts Tuesday morning.

"The first thing the judge said when she took the bench was did anyone open their email from the bar yesterday," said Skordas.

Shortly after, the bar association sent out an email apologizing and most lawyers seem to be laughing it off.

"I did feel like I should probably call my wife and I would say it's a good thing that she doesn’t see pornography as a strict liability offense," said Richins.

The Utah bar's big boo-boo is making national headlines.

"It is kind of odd that it would happen here," said Richins.

"Super religious state and one where we declared porn a public health crisis. When people find the irony in stuff like that, it makes it even funnier," said Thomas.

However, even Senator Todd Weiler, who's lead the way in sponsoring anti-porn legislation, sees the humor in it.

"I’m not a prude. Obviously, I know what they look like. That’s not something you expect to get from an official communication," said Weiler.

It's led to tons of Twitter memes and jokes, launching the battle of the breast puns.

"I’m sure that the bar doesn’t buy their software off the rack," said Richins.

"The Utah bar’s a public health crisis now," said Weiler.

"They’ve never been interested in attending bar conferences before but these years looks a lot more interesting," said Skordas.

However, most of them seem to be taking the email in stride, without any real harm to the bar association.

"I would say that the Utah bar is still deserving of the utmost respect," said Richins.

"I’ve been a member of the bar for about 21 years and I’ve never ever seen anything like that happen before and my guess is I’ll never see it again," said Weiler.

The Utah Bar Association sent out a statement saying the email was prepared in-house and distributed to active members of the Utah State Bar and the offending image did not appear in various previews of the email. They went on to say they're "horrified," and investigating how it happened.