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Police working to locate rightful owners after hoard of stolen goods found in South Salt Lake

Posted at 7:44 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-08 00:00:57-05

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah -- South Salt Lake Police said Wednesday they are still trying to track down victims in a huge stolen property bust, but they're running into some issues.

Police first discovered the mountains of loot on Tuesday, which included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff ranging from boats, trailers and ATVs, to electronics, power tools and household items.

"It's almost unfathomable how much stuff is actually here," said Executive Officer Gary Keller, South Salt Lake PD.

He guessed that many of the items were stolen some time in the last two years.

Police found owners for most of the larger things, which Keller said included trailers, boats and even a vintage blue Stingray Corvette.

On Wednesday, they focused on the next category of items.

"We're moving on to the smaller things—the hand tools," Keller said. "Every imaginable thing is behind us here."

Each electronic, piece of equipment and power tool they came across represented a potential phone call to the rightful owner. Keller said in addition to making calls, officers received hundreds of calls from theft victims all over the Wasatch Front as well.

Others, like Matt Gladhart, showed up to the home to see if they could find their stolen property.

"I came to look for my golf clubs," he said. Police said they were still cataloging items, and he'd need to check back. Michelle Odette asked an officer about her stolen trailer.

They said it's possible they found it, but she would need to email in the VIN number, which she planned to do. As she looked around, Odette said she could only imagine what else lay around the property.

"If my stuff was here, I would be really mad," Odette said.

Even with all the inquiries, Keller said they still couldn't find all of the owners. They ask potential victims not to come to the home but to instead call dispatch with the details of their case.

For many items that don't have serial numbers, he explained, there might not be a way to find whom it belongs to.

"Unfortunately, if we can't prove that the item is stolen or was stolen, then it will probably stay here with the property owner," he said.

Keller did say they will reach out to everyone they can, and they will haul away the expensive tools and equipment for safekeeping.

But for everything else, Keller indicated that it'll just be left for the homeowner to go through.

One of the home's renters, 38-year old Anthony Cantrell, is behind bars on more than a dozen charges of receiving stolen property.

For those wanting to inquire about stolen items, Keller said they can call South Salt Lake dispatch at 801-840-4000 and include their stolen property case number, the police department handling their case, and all applicable serial or VIN numbers for the missing items.