Utah mom’s creative cake creations attract thousands of online followers

Posted at 9:51 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 23:51:05-04

LEHI, Utah – A mother of five is getting attention from around the world thanks to her cake baking skills.

Amy Droubay posts time-lapse videos of herself decorating multi-layered cakes to her Instagram account.

The captivating videos have helped her gain 24,000 followers on Instagram.

“It’s just taken off accidentally,” Droubay said. “I don’t know how.”

What’s even more amazing than her videos, is the fact that she only started baking cakes just last year.

“I had never made a cake until about 6 or 7 months ago,” Droubay said.

She took a beginners baking class in July of 2017, and she’s been hooked ever since.

“I came home all excited and bought a few tools,” Droubay said.

Most of her cakes are inspired by Disney characters and films. She’s made cakes representing Mickey Mouse, The Queen of Hearts, Tinkerbell and Star Wars.

“I thought let’s just video it because it’s kind of cool when you can see the cake spinning,” Droubay said. “I am doing the design on it, and it got such a positive response.”

This month, Amy’s cakes are helping a good cause. She’s donating the money earned from cake sales to support Multiple Sclerosis research – a cause dear to her heart. Her husband is battling the disease.

“I had one lady email me and say I will donate $1,000 if you make my birthday cake for March 11th,” Droubay said.

She estimates she has raised about $2,000 so far.

Each of her creations is unique.

“Everything you see me do on my Instagram videos, it’s the first time I’ve tried it,” Droubay said.

This mom of five, who also teaches ballet and is an avid tennis player, uses her time in the kitchen as way to take a break from the stress of everyday life.

“For an hour, just did the designs, and a couple weeks ago I did one where I painted flowers on,” Droubay said. “I love it. It’s very therapeutic.”

She has no plans to stop baking. Her dream is to test her skills in a television baking competition and own her own bakery.

You can follow Amy’s Instagram account here.