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Mayor of White City Township assures residents fears of losing their homes are unfounded

Posted at 9:28 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 23:28:19-04

WHITE CITY, Utah -- Hundreds of people packed the auditorium at Alta View Elementary School on Wednesday night, voicing concerns about the new draft of the general plan for White City Township.

“Nobody is going to take my home, I can guarantee you,” said Clint Larrabee, a White City resident.

But the mayor of White City Township, Paulina Flint, says the fear people have about losing their homes is unfounded.

“Nobody is taking their home,” Flint said.

She is concerned that opportunistic real estate developers may be trying to scare people into selling. Part of her goal at Wednesday’s meeting was assuring people it is only a draft and that the final decision is up to the residents.

“These are conceptual ideas for them to choose or whether they want or do not want this into the future,” Flint said.

As a new township, White City is required by the state to have a general plan to lay the groundwork for future growth. The meeting on Wednesday was originally scheduled to get feedback from the community.

Rather than coming in the form of written notes and stickers on a map denoting a wish list of items, the feedback came primarily through angry comments.

“We’re upset. I’m upset. I’ve lived in White City since 1956,” said Sharon Green.

The township is continuing to take public comments. It’s next planning commission meeting is on Tuesday.