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How this 30 minute treatment can boost your love life

Posted at 3:24 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 17:24:57-04

If you've been feeling unlucky in the bedroom, or if things just don't feel the same, The Geneveve Treatment could be just what you may need!

Reena Hiatt from Enlighten Laster Cosmetics knows how youthful everyone wants to feel, but especially in the bedroom. A woman's sexual function changes over time, and sometimes those changes can impact how a woman experiences intercourse.

The Geneveve treatment treats many sexual function issues and treats them all at the same time. Good quality of life means good quality of sex life as you mature in age and that's what the Geneveve treatment can provide.

Some of the most common sexual function issues that women are being treated for are decreases in sensitivity during intercourse, arousal, the ability to orgasm, lack of lubrication and even pain during intercourse. Unfortunately, most of these function issues come just from aging.

A lot of women have no idea how to treat the extremely common issues that they may be having which is why Reena wants to be able to educate patients on the Geneveve treatment so that they can feel that there is hope for their sex lives.

With the Geneveve treatment, patients will start to notice results 20 days after treatment and full results at about 90 days. The Geneveve treatment is a single session that is performed in office by Dr. Molly Mears and only takes 30 minutes!

Noticing a change in sexual function is the number one thing that most of Enlighten Laser's patients have noticed first. Patients are even saying how it has changed their sex lives for the better. And, even more, for a limited time, the treatment is 30 percent off!

The consultation for The Geneveve Treatment is free and Enlighten Laser customizes each treatment for their patients. During the consultation, they will discuss a patient's vaginal health concerns and educate each patient on specific ways The Geneveve Treatment can help improve those concerns.

If you feel like your sex life is suffering, contact Enlighten Laser about The Geneveve Treatment at or call 801-294-9999.