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Photographer’s tips on taking spring family portraits

Posted at 4:20 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 18:20:58-04

A green thumb isn't the only thing that spring brings out of people, it also makes you want to get some good spring family photos done!

Professional photographer Joey Jonatis from Ori Media gave us some pro tips that families should keep in mind when getting ready for those photos! See what pro tips this professional photographer has for getting those perfect spring outdoor family photos below!

1. Location: 

  • It's springtime so go outside as much as possible
  • Pick a place with lots of blooming trees and flowers
  • Do some research because where someone shoots one day, you can't the next. A lot of places are private so look for public parks or areas like Red Butte Garden, International Peace Garden, etc.
  • Pro Tip: wildflowers bloom later in spring or early summer at higher altitudes but there's some beautiful blooming trees and flowers around downtown Salt Lake City!

2. Wardrobe: 

  • Most importantly: communicate with each other
  • Try to focus on light solid colors that complement your skin and eyes
  • Colors that go well with green grass and flowers are: light blue, yellows, pinks, purples and some pastels and bright colors (depending on skin tone)
  • Avoid tight patterns such as plaid, flower patterns, etc.
  • Wear something that you LIKE to wear
  • Pro Tip: comfort + confidence = good photos

3. Weather:

  • Keep an eye on the sky
  • As locals know, Utah can have all four seasons in one day so make sure you are prepared
  • Bring warmer options for everyone just in case
  • Pack a blanket in case there are damp grounds on location - you don't want to ruin your clothes
  • Have a backup plan of an alternative shooting location such as Studio Elevn

4. Poses and Style:

  • Let the pros arrange you!
  • Each group needs a different pose.
  • Pro Tip: with small children, get down to their level and don't forget snacks for them to keep them motivated
  • Pro Tip: use Pinterest to find your favorite poses, styles, etc.
  • Find poses that bring your faces close together and arms around each other, but that also keep your faces open to the lens

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