Governor signs bill to have Utah’s Dept. of Agriculture and Food grow weed for terminally ill patients

Posted at 2:36 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 16:38:14-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Gary Herbert has signed a bill instructing Utah’s Department of Agriculture and Food grow medical-grade cannabis for terminally ill patients.

The marijuana growing experiment would also be used for research purposes. House Bill 197 is a companion bill to one signed by the governor earlier this week that allows terminally ill patients a “right to try” medical marijuana.

The governor also signed a bill allowing for the sale of CBD oil in Utah.

Medical marijuana advocates have complained that the bills passed by the Utah State Legislature do not do enough to help people who could benefit from cannabis to treat ailments. They have put their faith in a ballot initiative, which is expected to be before voters in November.

The marijuana bills are among 48 bills signed by the governor on Friday. Here’s the rest of them:

  • HB009S01 Revenue Bonds and Capital Facilities Authorizations, Froerer, G.

  • HB0041 Mental Health Crisis Line Amendments, Eliason, S.

  • HB0042 Medicaid Waiver for Mental Health Crisis Services, Eliason, S.

  • HB0056 Emergency Personnel Recording Amendments, Maloy, C.

  • HB0063 Cosmetology and Associated Professions Amendments, Kwan, K.

  • HB0197S02 Cannabis Cultivation Amendments, Daw, B.

  • HB0237S01 Concurrent Enrollment Enhancements, Winder, M.

  • HB0240 Utah State Fair Board Amendments, Schultz, M.

  • HB0249S02 Statewide Resource Management Plan Adoption, Stratton, K.

  • HB0264 Elementary School Counselor Program, Eliason, S.

  • HB0274S02 Brine Shrimp Royalty Amendments, Barlow, S.

  • HB0370S01 Suicide Prevention and Medical Examiner Provisions, Dunnigan, J.

  • HB0404S01 Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Act, Last, B.

  • HB0422S01 Natural Gas Infrastructure Amendments, Noel, M.

  • SB0012 Public Education Recodification – Cross References and Repeals, Millner, A.

  • SB0014 Industrial Accident Restricted Account Sunset, Mayne, K.

  • SB0016 Public Safety Fee Revisions, Thatcher, D.

  • SB0021S01 Public Safety and Firefighter Retirement Death Benefit, Mayne, K.

  • SB0034 Legislative Water Development Commission Amendments, Dayton, M.

  • SB0040S01 Workers’ Compensation Dependent Benefit Amendments, Mayne, K.

  • SB0046 Adjustment of Limits on Damages, Iwamoto, J.

  • SB0069 State Sovereign Lands Amendments, Dayton, M.

  • SB0103 Strategic Workforce Investments, Millner, A.

  • SB0111 Community Reinvestment Agency Changes, Harper, W.

  • SB0130S02 Cannabidiol Product Act, Vickers, E.

  • SB0131S01 Talent Ready Utah Amendments, Millner, A.

  • SB0136 Transportation Governance Amendments, Harper, W.

  • SB0137S01 Amendments Relating to Government Records, Bramble, C.

  • SB0141S03 Electric Energy Amendments, Bramble, C.

  • SB0143S01 Employment Background Checks, Harper, W.

  • SB0146S02 Technology Summit Incentives, Anderegg, J.

  • SB0148 Public Education Enrollment Application Amendments, Hemmert, D.

  • SB0161S04 Nurse Home Visiting Pay-for-success Program, Escamilla, L.

  • SB0166 Energy Facility Amendments, Adams, S.

  • SB0169 Motor Home Statewide Fee Amendments, Bramble, C.

  • SB0180S03 Offense Reduction Modifications. Thatcher, D.

  • SB0190S02 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Amendments, Bramble, C.

  • SB0195 Credit Acceptance by Higher Education Institutions, Stephenson, H.

  • SB0200S02 Aeronautics Amendments, Poulson, M.

  • SB0205S04 Incarceration Reports, Weiler, T.

  • SB0217S01 Physician Testing Amendments, Hillyard, L.

  • SB0222 Toxicology Amendments, Davis, G.

  • SB0223S01 Utah Health Care Malpractice Act Amendments, Hemmert, D.

  • SB0232 School Transportation Amendments, Hinkins, D.

  • SB0239S04 Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative Amendments, Hemmert, D.

  • SB0240S01 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments, Stevenson, J.

  • SB0241 Medical Benefits Recovery Amendments, Hemmert, D.

  • SB0242 Cybercrime Amendments, Thatcher, D.

  • HCR002 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Congress to Propose an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Eliason, S.

  • HCR003 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the University of Utah’s John R. Park Debate Society, Ray, P.

  • HCR005 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Thomas S. Monson, Nelson, M.

  • HCR013 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the Military and Veteran Legal Assistance Program, Peterson,V.

  • HCR014S01 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Utah’s Robust Economic Growth and Urbanization, Wilson, B.

  • HCR019 Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Impact of Federal Lands on the State Education System, Ivory, K.

  • HCR022 Concurrent Resolution Designating April as #msdkindness Month, Ray, P.

  • SCR002S01 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Use of Shielded Light Fixtures on Outdoor Lights, Vickers, E.

  • SCR013 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Senator Orrin Hatch, Bramble, C.