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Police release list of evidence found in case of Utah missing couple

Posted at 9:29 PM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 09:02:57-04

WEST JORDAN, Utah - A potential break has emerged in the case of a West Jordan couple missing in Arizona.  A bounty hunter working for free found what appeared to be some key pieces of evidence in the disappearance of Jerry and Susan McFalls.

During a recent search of the home in Littlefield, Arizona a bullet hole was found in a shed, shell casings were found on the ground and a mattress pad with what appeared to be blood spots was found in a burn pile.

“It definitely was in an odd spot within the burn pile, nothing else seemed to match mom and dad’s burn pile, it was tree branches and wood and things like that and then all the sudden there’s this mattress cover in there,” said Meridee McFalls, the couple’s daughter-in-law.

The mattress pad was sent to investigators with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.  In a press release on Tuesday, investigators revealed the results of tests on the mattress pad and their findings on the bullet hole and shell casings:

The following items were recovered by independent search parties and surrendered to MCSO for testing:

  • Presumptive tests were conducted on a mattress cover that appeared to have blood spots, with negative results for blood evidence. This item has been sent off for further testing.

  • All shell casings related to the incident were collected by detectives during the original search warrant. According to family members, a family friend used the property for recreational shooting after the search warrant had been conducted, which contributed to the additional shell casings being discovered.

  • Bullet holes found in a shed on the property were photographed during the initial search warrant conducted by detectives.

  • Any other items found on the property were most likely caused by contamination from other individuals on the property after detectives cleared the residence.

“We did get word today that it is not blood on the mattress cover, so that’s a relief to some extent and a letdown in some extent that we don’t necessarily have something moving forward,” said Meridee McFalls.

Both the family and investigators continue to encourage volunteers to bring any potential evidence forward.  It is still classified as a missing persons case with suspicious circumstances.