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Murray Police investigating after man killed at apartment complex for 55+ community

Posted at 4:59 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 23:31:13-04

MURRAY - Police continue to search for a suspect after a 59-year-old was found murdered in an apartment complex in Murray Thursday.

“I heard four gunshots,” said Tom Mitchell, who lives just down the hallway. ”I barricaded myself under my bar because I didn’t know if he was shooting through doors.”

The shooting took place around 3:45 Thursday afternoon on the second floor of an apartment complex where people 55 years of age and older live.

“She just came out, looked around, and then popped back in,” said David Eldridge, who said he heard the shots and walked outside on his balcony.

He said he saw a woman who he estimates was in her late 50s come out of the same apartment where a bullet had pierced the window; the same apartment where the murder took place.

“Investigators are going to look at everything they can,” said Officer Kenny Bass with Murray Police. “They’ll look at surveillance, talk to witnesses, look at physical surveillance, all of that.”

In the meantime, police say they don’t believe the general public should be worried.

The victim has yet to be named. If police release information on the victim or the suspect, we’ll keep you posted here.