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Must-Read: Glenn “Duffy” Dyer’s captivating World War ll novel “The Torch Betrayal”

Posted at 10:41 AM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 12:41:21-04

There's a certain fascination surrounding World War ll. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, there's a whole collection of movies and books that contribute a missing piece to the great war.

In the last year, movies like "Dunkirk" and "The Darkest Hour" captured the interest of people around the world, and now another great World War ll story is being told through Glenn "Duffy" Dyer's new book The Torch Betrayal. Rooted from his interest in the unknown mysteries that the war produced, Glenn's novel is based on what happened to the missing Operation Torch directive.

Just weeks before the Operation Torch invasion was scheduled to start, the directive turned up missing and has never been found since. Playing on the unknowns that arose from this crucial mystery, The Torch Betrayal is a spy thriller that explores what might have happened to those missing pages.

As a history buff, Glenn has had this book in the making on-and-off for the past 20 years. After leaving broadcasting, he finally dove into his writing full time and, in essence, launched his second career at the age of 60. His biggest lesson: don't give up on your dream.

What happened to that classified page? Did it fall into the wrong hands? That can all be found out in The Torch Betrayal, A Conor Thorn Novel. You can find the book at