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Stansbury Park man tackles burglary suspect in garage, holds him until police arrive

Posted at 9:37 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 23:37:40-04

STANSBURY PARK, Utah -- A homeowner stopped a burglar in his tracks and tackled him to the ground, holding him there until police showed up.

"We were home watching a movie," David Judd said.

It was late at night, and all five of their kids were sound asleep. But above the sound of the TV, they heard a noise.

"A fumbling around, things banging—it wasn't loud, it was just subtle," Judd said.

Then another noise. This time louder, coming from the garage.

David rushed toward the garage and opened the door to see a strange man holding a handful of tools.

"When I came through the door that's when he stood up and started to come towards me," Judd said.

That's when David yelled, telling the man to get on the ground, but instead the burglar started throwing punches. David focused on getting the man's arms behind his back.

"Had him in what you call a full nelson," Judd said. "My hands were pinning his face to the ground."

Meanwhile David's wife, Tiffani, couldn't believe what was happening and called police.

During the 10 to 15 minutes they waited until police got there, the man, now face down on the ground, started talking.

"He gave us a sob story, saying: 'I know I'm going to prison this time, can I call my mom,'" Tiffani Judd said.

Police arrested 27-year-old Nathan Lundy and say he was high on heroin at the time.

The Judd's five children slept through the whole ordeal.

Police say you should never engage a suspect in a situation like that because you don't know if they have a weapon or what they'll do. David says he knows that, but felt like he had no choice but to protect his family.