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How practicing meditation and yoga in school could change student’s lives

Posted at 4:02 PM, Mar 30, 2018

Jr. High is a tough time of life for everyone. Your body is changing, your life is changing, there's peer pressure, and now add in the pressures of social media and everything else that life has to offer, it's especially hard.

With so many changes and distractions, it's hard for students to focus on their work. Whether it's their social media or maybe issues at home, sometimes they just need a way to escape whatever it is that's keeping them down. Denise Druce and a group of her advanced yoga students implemented a life-changing solution to this for students at Valley Jr. High.

Teachers are now giving the students at Valley Jr. High a couple minutes every day to practice yoga and meditation. In that time, the students are able to just close their eyes and empty their minds completely of whatever may be bothering them and just clear it out for the school day ahead.

The results from this have been phenomenal. According to Denise, the students not only are able to get more focused and are able to learn more, the practice also helps lower their nervous systems, better their relationships with teachers and other students and get better grades. Some of the students have even made the practices of meditation and yoga part of their routine and turn to it at home when times get hard.

So far, Denise and her yoga students only have this in Valley Jr. High School, but because of it's amazing results and success, they plan to implement it in every school throughout Utah.

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