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Community speculates where new Layton LDS Temple will be built

Posted at 9:32 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 23:32:35-04

LAYTON, Utah - After The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced plans for a new LDS Temple in Layton. The big question is, where will it go?

Some residents say they're confident they know where it will be built.

Most of the potential spots are open, undeveloped fields.

"They told us a location has been picked and the property has been acquired, and I can promise everyone one thing, it is in Layton," said Layton City Mayor Bob Stevenson.

While the mayor knows exactly where the new temple will be built, everyone else is playing a guessing game.

Looking at Layton property information, the LDS Church owns dozens of sites in the city, but only a handful are big enough for a temple. Fox 13 narrowed it down to three spots.

One is on West Hill Field Road and 2200 West, close to a hundred acres with new homes going up all around it.

The other site is less than a mile away, on Gentile Street near 2800 West.

Last but not least seems to be the worst kept secret in the city, where most residents think the temple is going to go, at Gentile street and 1300 East where a beautiful field has rumored to recently been turned over to the LDS Church.

"The temple would be the only thing more beautiful than the farm we've been watching for 15 years so we are excited," said The Benson family who lives across the street from the property.

Many are confident Gentile and 1300 East will be the place, and the Benson family would love to see the temple right in their front yard.

"[It's] something I'm not happy about. I'd rather it go somewhere else that's for sure," Said Tim Freeland who has lived in his home in Layton for five years.

Freeland doesn't want the traffic, light pollution or a building blocking his view.

"It's just a beautiful view of the mountains and open pasture and stuff, it's one of the reasons we moved here," Freeland said.

Until the announcement is made, the mayor expects the number one question to be, "Where's the location at?"