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Provo Seven Peaks Water Park may be left off ‘Pass of All Passes’ this year

Posted at 9:52 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 13:00:57-04

PROVO, Utah - Many Provo residents are concerned after learning that the Seven Peaks Water Park may be left off of the Pass of All Passes this year.

Marlynn Gardner and her family love Seven Peaks Water Park.

"I've been buying pass of all passes for the past six years," Gardner said. "If it's true they won't take Seven Peak's pass, I might be really upset."

Gardener said she’s bought the passes for her entire family for the past six years. The POAP will get you into a number of parks around the state. However, legal proceedings over the ownership of Seven Peaks Water Resort in Provo has pass holders wondering if their passes are worth holding onto.

Seven Peak's website stated that an ownership and management agreement is currently being negotiated, even though people may have bought their passes weeks or months ago. The website reads:

"Due to the present uncertainties, the mangers of the Pass of All Passes, which is a separate corporation, will be unable to include the Provo Water Park in the set of 20-plus POAP venues."

“They have the responsibility with all of the clients to refund them,” said Daniel MacFarlane, who also bought passes. He guesses he spent about $100 on four passes for his family.

Fox 13 reached out to the water park to see where things stood on the management transition, and if the Pass of All Passes would potentially be honored. A spokesperson wrote in response:

"We have no plan we are able to finalize or discuss."