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Broken sprinkler causes thousands of dollars in damage at St. George Children’s Museum

Posted at 3:51 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 17:51:20-04

ST. GEORGE — After a child threw a ball at a fire sprinkler in the St. George Children’s Museum, water rained from the ceiling and caused thousands of dollars in damage Monday, St. George News reports.

The “very zealous young guest” knocked the cage off the sprinkler head, which caused water to flood the basketball room in the lower floor of the St. George Children’s Museum on Main Street, Executive Director Marnie Workman said. The fire alarms were also triggered throughout the building and other guests in the building were evacuated.

The St. George Fire Department arrived, switched off the valves and reset the alarms as workers removed benches and other exhibit items from the room.

“And now cleanup begins, which will be quite a feat” Workman said. “We’ve got a lot of water to suck up, and all the floor tiles to remove and carpets to dry and everything to reassemble.”

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