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Riverdale residents keep wary eye on crumbling hillside as wet weather hits

Posted at 7:12 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 21:12:48-04

RIVERDALE, Utah -- After a devastating landslide this past November, Thursday's winter storm had one Riverdale woman worried about her property continuing to slide.

Becky Meehan has been a property owner here in Riverdale for years. What once was grass is now mud, and her barns, fences and even an old historic building are covered too.

Meehan said her family has been digging trenches to try and divert the water flow into the Weber River, but the property keeps sliding over all of their work.

“We’ve tried everything we possibly can, but it just keeps getting overtaken the next day,” Meehan said. “Monday, I was thinking we’re getting to the point where we can starting moving some dirt and working on diverting the water off of our property, and then this was a surprise for me today.”

But the landslide isn’t just affecting her property. Meehan said the houses along the ridgeline are 12 feet away from being part of the landslide, yet property owners and Riverdale City won’t do anything to help.

“Riverdale City says they don’t know what to do and that the hill is too dangerous to get on,” Meehan said “It just seems like everybody is saying it’s private property, it’s not our fault, and everybody’s just kind of turning their heads.”

With the wet weather Thursday, Meehan keeps watching her property slide away, and her hopes sliding with it.

“There’s just really no words,” Meehan said. “This used to be beautifully shaded with this tree line and grass. I don’t know if we’ll ever get it back, but I’m sure going to try.”