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Lehi resident upset with city over steady stream of tumbleweeds

Posted at 9:56 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 23:56:51-04

LEHI, Utah - Every time the wind blows, a Lehi mom fears what will come next.

“We knew we would get dust, and dirt, but rocks?” said Sierra Harris.

Harris’ home sits behind property she said the City of Lehi owns. She said that was just fine until 2013, when they started piling up dirt near her home.

“We had a really bad wind storm come in,” she said. “The next thing I knew, it’s hitting the glass on the side of the house and it cracked, and I just picked up my son and we went running down the hall.”

Harris said they had thousands of dollars in damage, even after insurance coverage picked up some of the bill. She said she called the City of Lehi to get help.

“At least five times,” she pointed out. “I would call to ask if someone was coming by to look at the property and never got a call back.”

She said last year, a helpful city employee put up a fence between the properties, but that didn’t stop the hundreds of tumbleweeds from climbing over and landing in her property. She said the weeds start growing on the adjacent property and then break off and start rolling.

As a result, her family is left spending hours cleaning their back yard every time a storm rolls through.

FOX 13 put in a call to see if Lehi City could confirm property ownership and to what extent the issues had been reported. However, the city offices are closed on Fridays. FOX 13 will follow up on Monday to try and get some answers.