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Hill Field Elementary students celebrate ‘Month of the Military Child’ with symbolic art project

Posted at 9:54 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 11:01:16-04

CLEARFIELD, Utah -- April is the Month of the Military Child.

Students at Hill Field Elementary school in Clearfield helped create an art project that symbolizes their lives on the move.

"We decided to do a dandelion because the dandelion I guess is a symbol for the military child," Daniel Dancer with Art for the Sky said.  "They go anywhere they're blown, and they're really healthy. They grow up and they're strong. There's a beautiful poem about it."

Dancer placed marks on a football field, and had the kids line up in the right spots.  About 500 students and faculty wearing different colored T-shirts got into position.

Firefighters from the North Davis Fire District provided a ladder truck to get pictures from above, and a drone to take aerial video.

The final result is a masterpiece.

But as the dandelion symbolizes the always moving military children, military mom Vanessa Middleton said events like this one make them realize they belong to a big military family as well.

"They know that it's hard and that we will have to move again, we're actually moving in 60 days, it happens," she said.  "They know they have to be ready for that and they know that when a new kid comes to school, how to treat them and how to make them feel welcome and loved because they all know how it feels to be that new kid."

See the video below for more footage of the project.