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Community honors teen killed in Provo crosswalk, demands action

Posted at 9:59 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 13:07:49-04

PROVO, Utah - It’s been a month since Caleb Lane was hit and killed while crossing a street near the Provo Rec Center, but his tragic death is inspiring some major changes.

“It’s really beautiful to see the community, family, and friends come out,” said Shannon Bingham, a family friend.

Dozens of people gathered at 400 West 500 North with flowers in hand to bring awareness to crosswalk safety. They walked three blocks south, a block West and then three blocks back North, finishing at the very spot Lane was killed.

“It’s obviously not going to bring Caleb back but hopefully it will do some good,” Bingham said of recently approved plans to add flashing lights at the intersection. Bingham said she was told they could be installed as early as next month.

“We’re being honked at, cars aren’t stopping,” she pointed out just how badly safety precautions are needed in the area.

Caleb’s uncle, Joseph, took a few moments to read a message from Caleb’s father; it’s the same message he read out loud to city council earlier this month.

“I had practiced reading that letter that Jason wrote a few times to hopefully not cry,” Joseph Myrer said.

Jason Lane wasn’t at the crosswalk Monday. The family is back home in Texas Monday. They had been visiting Utah last month when their son was killed.