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Simple tips if you still need to file taxes

Posted at 6:08 PM, Apr 16, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY - As of Friday, the Internal Revenue Service was still waiting for nearly 40 million tax returns. They had received 101 million.

In other words, if you wait to file until the final day or days, about 28 percent of taxpayers are with you.

The IRS has some tips for filing at the last minute, starting with e-filing.

With e-filing, they say, the computer checks your accuracy and suggests items that you might need to correct. It's also faster both for filing and for receiving a return, and it allows the filer to verify their paperwork has been received and, ultimately, approved.

If you cannot, or prefer not to e-file, there are some common mistakes made on tax returns, so the IRS suggests:

  1. Double checking Social Security numbers and make sure you include them for all filers and dependent.
  2. Use the right rows for your income and filing status when determining your tax rate on the tax table.
  3. Sign and date your return, and remember if you file jointly that your spouse must also sign and date the return.
  4. Attach all forms and schedules you use to complete your return.

If you need an extension, it's easy to file, but it still has to be done by midnight Tuesday in order to avoid a fine. The federal extension must include an estimated payment if you are likely to owe taxes.

The state of Utah does not require you to file for an extension or to pay until the extension deadline in October.